Mission: ECREA Istanbul

In October, I spent an amazing week in Istanbul, Turkey, attending the ECREA 2012 conference and its pre-conference od digital games. I presented a paper on “different histories” of digital games and a poster about fan translation of Game of Thrones into Czech. Links to my presentations after the jump.

ECREA conferences are positively huge. In fact, I have never been to a bigger conference. That made it easy to get lost, but also diverse and bustling with life. I went to many a talk, but two have especially stuck with me. The first was Sara Mosberg Iversen‘s ethography of the players of The Sims – she has some incredible material and nicely formulated the shifts between control and lack of control that I saw with my gameplay mischief makers. The second was Gavan Titley‘s investigation of online racism, which is, in his eyes, very often based on factual or quasi-factual discourse. I have wandered into Czech racist Facebook pages on a few occassions and I do agree that a lot of the racism there is actually articulated by providing “facts” (Did you know that X per cent of Romas in the Czech Rep. did not finish middle school?) instead of open hate speech.

Besides conferencing, I had time to hang out and explore the city, which is frankly unbelievable. It is huge, unpredictable (in a good way) and you see surprises wherever you go. Also, I started playing backgammon.

Here’s the link to my presentation about video game history and a PDF of the poster about fan translation.

The picture was taken at a hardware store close to Taksim square.