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Call for PhD students – Game Production Studies

Digital Game Industry and Culture in a Local Context – 2 funded PhD positions, Charles University, Prague

We are seeking two PhD students to develop projects aligned with the grant “Developing Theories and Methods for Game Industry Research,” starting in 2021, headed by Dr. Jaroslav Švelch, and located at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism.

Project Description:

Following the rising interest in the study of game industries and the advances in game production studies, the dissertation should focus on digital game production in a specific country or region, based on the student’s preferences. The project can investigate the production routines, design patterns, the content of locally produced games, values and discourses of industry practitioners, or reception of local productions by players and journalists. The project may but does not have to include a historical perspective. Theoretically, it is expected to draw from game studies (especially game production studies), the theory of cultural industries, and/or cultural studies. Interdisciplinary perspectives are welcome. The methods may include ethnography (including interviews), textual analysis/close readings of game titles, discourse analysis, or content analysis. The student will be working on the project within a team that includes senior researchers Vít Šisler and Jaroslav Švelch and postdoctoral researchers Tereza Krobová and Jan Švelch.

Candidate requirements:

Candidates must complete their Master’s degree by August 30, 2021. They are expected to be well-versed in the theory and methods required to study game industries or cultural industries in general. While the program can be studied in either English or Czech language, we require fluency in English. The candidates are expected to present papers at academic conferences and produce publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Practical arrangements:

Starting in the Fall semester of 2021, the successful applicants will enroll into the Media and Communication Studies PhD program. The standard duration of the program is 4 years. For the duration of the grant project (that is until December 2023), the student will participate in the project as a paid researcher (please enquire for details). For the whole duration of 4 years, they will also receive a doctoral stipend. Successful applicants are eligible for a relocation fee from the project budget. The student(s) are generally expected to physically attend doctoral classes and research meetings, but remote participation is possible in case of continuing pandemic-related restrictions.

Application submission:

The deadline for the application is APRIL 30, 2021. To apply, the candidate must submit a structured CV, a dissertation project (1,500–2,000 words including references) and a list of literature they wish to discuss at the admission interview. We strongly encourage prospective applicants to get in touch earlier to consult the application. The admission interview will focus on the dissertation project and the selected literature and can be conducted remotely.

More information about the admissions process, along with a link to the online application form are available here:

For more information about the positions and the grant project, please contact Jaroslav Švelch at

To learn more about the doctoral program, please check this webpage:

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